baby bear collections

These are teddy bears made of wood.
Their name is " babybear ".
You can put your monogram on them with a burning pen.

We use four types of wood: black walnut, kaya, cherry, and chestnut. The color, grain, and texture of the wood are carefully preserved. No coloring is used.It is finished with natural oil paint. The body contains marbles, and the sound of the marbles attracts the interest of small children. It can also be used as a baby rattle.The wrists and ankles can be rotated so that the child can pose freely. All products are manufactured in Japan.

Always with your child , always in your life ...After playing with it, you will want to display it in your living room, not in the closet, and give it to someone as a gift, even if it gets scratched.We create all products, hoping that the toys you play first will continue to be your favorite.